Well, the rain is finally slowing down and we should have a few days of sunshine before our next rain. Sam Black said he still can not get into his garden so he thinks he should maybe start a rice farm. That may not be a bad idea.

We had a good crowd for our First Saturday Breakfast and I saw a lot of cars at the Senior center so their day seems to be a success.

We are going to have to have a new roof on the Gym so we are going to start our fund raising on May 13 with a Soup, Salad, and Chili potluck (with of course, dessert). Price is $6 and we start to eat at 6 p.m. We hope we can count on a lot of support. The Gym is large and it will take a lot of cash to replace the roof. Every time the wind or rain comes, we loose more shingles and then we get it patched and right away we get more wind and rain. So this is past time to get on the project.

I think finals are over and I know the kids are ready for graduations and for school to be out. It is hard to believe this school year went by so soon.

Donald Ramsey made it home again. He has lots of plans to try new thing while he is here. Good luck Donald.

We hope everyone has a safe week and if you have Scotland news call 592-3935 and James Burns will see that it gets into the paper.