The F.L. Davis family has been serving local communities for over 60 years. In 1954, F.L. and Cleta Davis started their first business in Miller (which is now under the Greers Ferry Lake). With Greers Ferry Dam being constructed the Davis found themselves in need of a new place to call home so in 1960 they moved to a community called Stark, which is now the city of Greers Ferry, and opened F.L. Davis Mercantile. The mercantile carried groceries, feed hardware, western clothing and gas. During that time Cleta’s mother and father worked at the store and F.L.’s mother worked at the clothing store while his father drove a truck to Little Rock to pick up supplies. There was always a lot of family around, including the Davis’ five daughters. The mercantile existed until 1972.

In the coming years F.L. saw that there was a need for a lumberyard, due to the creation of Greers Ferry Lake and the large amount of construction that was created by displaced citizens and development of the newly formed lake. In 1963 the Davis family opened the first building supply store – right across the street from the mercantile in Greers Ferry. The first load of lumber was hauled in on a cattle truck and this was just the beginning for them in the lumber and building supply business. In 1995 Davis Cash Lumber was opened in Clinton where the Shannon’s Hardware store once stood. Even though the Shannon’s Hardware building had burnt while the building was being used as a flea market, F.L., Cleta, and Rhonda Davis utilized the slab and started from scratch. The decision to set up shop in the Clinton area was easy because they were already servicing our community through their Greers Ferry store and could see the need for a full service hardware and lumber store.

Davis Cash Lumber can service all of your construction needs and so much more. They offer lumber, hardware, plumbing, electrical, paint, insulation, flooring, roofing, tools, Bad Boy Mowers, keys, programmable keys, Yeti Coolers, Case knifes and all of this can be delivered to your front door. Davis Cash Lumber is your local Do It Best dealer and with an experienced staff they can help walk you through any DIY project and provide the service required for contractor jobs big and small.