Shirley High School’s Class of 2017 scored a 100 percent on beautiful days for their commencement exercise Saturday, May 13. After marching to the stage in the Blue Devils auditorium to “Pomp and Circumstance” Jed Privitt led the invocation followed by a heartfelt welcome speech by Shirley School District Superintendent Tyrene Gardner and Tyler Bullard presented copies of the 2017 yearbook to the Shirley School Board.

During her Salutatorian address Makala Strang spoke of the many memories made together by her classmates.

“If I had to describe my class, the Class of 2017, in three words, I would use, lazy, stubborn, and competitive,” Strang said, reflecting on procrastination, opinions, and rivalry for the school’s spirit stick.

In her Valedictorian address Mariana Larson, reflected back on class memories by thanking teachers, teachers, and everyone who helped her and her classmates succeed.

“Life is tough and brings many challenges, but it is up to you and how you respond to those challenges as to how your life will go,” Larson said.

Joseph Owen introduced the speaker, retiring teacher Randy Moore, who delivered a fast-paced speech, full of jokes. The diplomas were presented by Superintendent Gardner, Principal Michael Bramlett, and Collene Halldorson, president of the school board.

Keith Brown, administrative assistant, asked all alumni to stand for recognition. In a special presentation, the entire Class of 2017 gathered white roses from vases on stage and walked out into the audience to give them to loved ones.

After the Class of 2017 returned to the stage Mateo Waldman gave the benediction. The ceremony closed with the Class of 2017 marching out of the auditorium to “Pomp and Circumstance.” They made their way outside for the traditional tossing of the caps, which almost disappeared against the blue skies.