911 Dispatch called to Clinton Police last Tuesday, May 23 at 12:24 p.m. after a motorist reported a car going north on Highway 65 through Choctaw which was “driving recklessly,” the police report stated.

Dispatch continued that the caller saw the car, a tan Buick, “blow through” the red light at the highways 9 and 65 intersection at Choctaw then “drive northbound in the southbound lane.” The officer who responded was on Highway 9 at the time and hurried to catch the car, per the report. As he pulled into Clinton he spotted a tan Buick as described, stopped at 65 and Volunteer Parkway. Using lights and sirens the officer had the car pull over into a business parking lot there.

Typical in these matter the officer stepped up to speak with the driver, Kimberly Avey, 54, of Timbo. She, to the officer’s question, said she had been on the phone with her mother, adding that she was very tired, the officer reported. The officer noted here in his report that as he spoke with the woman she was trying to hide a unzipped black handbag behind her, twice reaching down to move it. The officer noted the black bag had a clear plastic bag of some sort of white powder visible within it.

“I asked her plainly, what was is in the small black bag with the white powdery residue in the seat beside you,” the officer reported.

“I don’t know,” she was reported to reply.

The officer had her get out of the car and step to its rear as he called in the driver’s license. He asked Avey again what was in the bag, if it was cocaine or meth. “It’s white powder. I have a pretty good idea,” she was reported responding.

She went on to explain to the officer that it was her father’s car “and she probably let someone drive the car earlier who shouldn’t have,” she was quoted telling the officer.

Meanwhile Clinton Police Chief John Willoughby had arrived on scene, looked in the car’s door at the bag and told the officer it was more a crystal than a powder in the bag. The reporting officer asked Avey if what was in the bag was crystal meth and the woman replied it was. She was handcuffed. As she was being handcuffed, the report continued, she began saying to Willoughby “Please don’t take me to jail,” and “Please don’t tell my father,” adding that she didn’t want to “tell whose contraband it was and didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.” Here she admitted “she used to have a problem with meth.”

She was taken to jail and her car towed. While searching the car (part of the procedure in a car being impounded) officers found the suspected meth, a glass smoking device and two bottles of prescription pills. In a bag in the back seat officer found a suspected marijuana cigarette.

The white crystal was field tested and showed positive as methamphetamine.

Avey was charged with prohibited driving, possession of a controlled substance (meth), and possession of drug paraphernalia and jailed. The drug charges are both felonies. She was released Friday, May 26, after posting a $2,500 bond with a June 19 court date