First, and for full disclosure, I have been associated with the Village SCAT organization since its founding in 2010.  This all-volunteer organization has been successfully filling a glaring need for Hot Springs Village residents - transportation for residents who, either permanently or temporarily, can no longer drive.

While living in the Village may be “livin’ the dream,” that dream is difficult to fully realize if you’re housebound or dependent on friends or neighbors to take you to the doctor, drug store, grocery store, or hairdresser.

Apparently, the POA’s CMP response to this shortcoming can be found on page 13 of the Moving Forward pamphlet recently mailed - “connectivity within Hot Springs Village can be increased through alternative transportation options such as on-road bicycle facilities and the utilization of existing roads in decommissioned areas as paved trails ...”

I’ve asked a number of our riders in wheelchairs, using walkers, with vision problems, and with joint replacements about their level of enthusiasm for taking up hiking or riding a bicycle. Needless to say, they did not consider these as viable alternatives nor are they interested in moving to a “walkable town center” should one be created.

To develop a CMP that allegedly covers a 20-year time frame that doesn’t even address transportation needs of the current residents, never mind those that will be aging over the next 20 years, seems to me a disappointing outcome from six consultants and the expenditure of half a million dollars.
C’mon guys, we’re overlooking the needs of the current residents in an effort to attract new ones and missing a proven major selling point to attract near and current retirees. We surely can do better.

Scott Luchesi
Hot Springs Village