Other than reviewing the initial plans for the recently announced hotel project, Fairfield Bay City Council passed the resolution for its Historic District at Monday night’s meeting.

The meeting actually began with a Public Meeting for the Historic District, planned to take the area around the Log Cabin museum, and as include Indian Rock Cave on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Fairfield Bay Heritage Centers. No public comments were made.

Later in the council meeting the resolution was passed for the Historic District. Doctor Catherine Swift, who had headed up the formation of the historic district and related matters - including working with state officials - told the council they were on a tight timeline to get the Historic District Ordinance passed in order to be able to apply for grants for the district. With the ordinance’s passage Monday night, the Historic Commision had one week to turn in grant requests, she said.

The resolution approving the Historic District passed unopposed.

In other council matters some concern was expressed in the weakening of ambulance coverage for the area by Medic One, which had recently been awarded the county contract. EMS Captain Andrea Notz told the council that the service, currently running two ambulances, occasionally lead to delays in response. The service is working on getting a City of Shirley - Fairfield Bay station in the area, she said.

The department was back on 24 hour shifts in order to assure coverage, Notz said. Medic One had also invited Fairfield Bay EMT staff to a 40 hour refresher course, she said.

In other council mattes:The police department is in the process of pursuing a $381,000 grant for the police department to better address matters of domestic violence and sexual assault, including crimes such as stalking and date violence.A&P Commision has started interacting with marketing from Cobblestone Hotels, the company behind the hotel being built in the area. The conference center had also initiated contact with Cobblestone.Sales tax revenue has continued to climb since 2012 when the conference center was reopened, Fairfield Bay Mayor Paul Wellenberger said. In 2017 the sales tax revenue, at 1.5 percent of sales, was $24,586,200, he said.Wellenberger also showed that real estate sales had gone up quite a bit in 2017, with new home starts at the highest in 17 years, coupled with existing home and condo sales to $12,017,271.Wellenberger, with others, is working on improving broadband service to the city.Tentative plans were announced to put an effort into getting a wet/dry vote on the 2020 ballot, the council was told as an economic development matter.