I have been attending HSV board meetings for two years, and have a growing concern about an issue of operation by the board and POA administration. The increasing concern I have is the lack of transparency used by our current board of directors.
In the last two years I have not heard any meaningful discussion of any issue before the board. We may hear a one or two line comment from the member bringing an issue before the board, but no full discussions of the pros and cons of the subject issue are discussed by board members. Votes are taken on issues, so the board must have made up their minds prior to voting.
An example of this non-discussion could be the recently passed “Board Accountability” charter changes. I never heard any meaningful discussion by board members of this issue at a public board meeting, only the initial reading and final vote.
I have to assume that the board is discussing these in private, or executive session, or in the unpublicized “Drop In Meetings” held by POA staff for board members. Although the current charter may allow the board to hold numerous executive meetings through an expansive list of reasons, I believe doing so defeats the purpose of open meetings for property owners to participate and add input.
I would like to suggest that the board consider returning to two meetings per month; One workshop to have open public discussion of upcoming issues and one in which the regular board will be taking action.

Jack Rueter
Hot Springs Village