If you hear me say, “I’m considering a new house,” or “What if I opened up this wall?” Please, please, please lock me away until the feeling passes. Bob and I concur, performing renovations and moving at this stage in our lives is crazy. Crazy.
The Sweetens are officially moved into our home on the water. Each morning I wake up to the lake’s rippling surface and the scenic hills of Hot Springs Village beyond. Early dawn-30, brings five ducks who float and dive off my sea wall and I’ve spotted seven Canada geese in the sheltered cove between my nearest neighbor’s home and our own. It’s wonderful but Bob and I paid the price for our liquid pleasure.
I began packing before we listed the east end home. Organized, I wanted to be organized.
Each box got tagged with a computer printout taped on top denoting its contents and room destination. HGTV (Home and Garden Television) advises home sellers to de-personalize their spaces. Family pictures came off the walls and Bob rented a storage room to which he carted his beloved overstuffed leather chairs and ottomans. When we finished, the place was devoid of Sweeten influence.
I added a fresh touch of paint on the window seat in the kitchen and one to the shelves in my “Armageddon Cupboard.” Why did I wait until I was selling the place to spiff it up so fine? Fans got dusted as well as the plantation shutters in our dining room and the master closet; our home was spit-shined like a pair of Bob’s old army boots.
The house sold quickly. Our new home on the water began its metamorphosis. Popcorn ceilings got scraped off, new paint, light fixtures and floorings were added. We purchased a few pieces of furniture to liven up the joint. Casa Aqua is styled in a contemporary fashion and our other place was what I lovingly termed “Early American Ticky Tac.” Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, just eclectic.
During the last few months we’ve lived our usually mundane life in a frenzy. Bob now knows the difference between Adaggio Blue and Blue Springs colors. He’s taken an interest in back splashes and brushed nickle versus chrome finishes, and God love him, he’s schooled himself on the virtues of shopping for a low profile sofa.
Our children and grandchildren have only one question for us now, “Which house this time, the old one, the rented place or the new house? Precious keeps asking, “When I go fishing Mamaw?” Bob and I haven’t slowed down long enough to do anything but spit our answers out in rapid-fire succession. Because, truthfully, no matter which house they arrive at, we’re all going to be enjoying it together. All of us caught up in The Sweet Life.