One “Enterprise Goal” expressed in the 2018 budget under the section Build Property Owner Trust and Support is “review and align all committees to effectively drive master plan priorities.”
One of the many positive things about our Village is the willingness of highly qualified Villagers to volunteer to work for the Village. I have always felt that this has improved quality, saved a substantial amount of money and created a strong sense of community.
The board recently approved merging the Common Property and Forest Committee (CP&F) with the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). This has resulted in a loss of experienced committee members and a reassignment of much of both committees prior responsibilities to staff.
The CP&F committee has managed our forests and protected our common property for many years. ACC has maintained our architectural standards and compliance under the Protective Covenants. In the past, members of both committees interacted frequently, directly and effectively with the public. I would be surprised if either of these quality control committees were not aligned with master plan priorities.
I am really concerned with the POA’s willingness to add staff where work is being handled by volunteers. There were large numbers of new staff budgeted in the last two years, 20 full time and 22 part time. During this period compensation increased by $2,573,555. Some of this increase is due to well-deserved employee merit raises and benefit costs but a significant part is caused by staffing increases.
We need to take another look at the role volunteers can play in maintaining quality while helping to control costs.I also suggest we reestablish the Research and Special Projects (RASP) committee. Committee members are Villagers with backgrounds in finance, marketing, planning, operations, etc.They report to the board and are available to analyze and advise the board on any assigned project including the pending master plan.

Michael Misch
Hot Springs Village