Hot Springs Village police answered a variety of calls in the past week.

Feb. 20
A Villager told police his license plate was stolen off his Ford F-150, but he’s not sure where; possibly even in Texas
The driver of a 2005 Dodge van with expired tags was cited for fictitious tags. The plate was registered to a 2004 Hyundai.

Feb. 21
An officer controlled traffic while the public works department used a backhoe to remove a large rock on Coronado Drive.
After a caller said water was flowing over Talley Cemetery Road bridge, an officer drove there to see it, then placed a barricade blocking Cortez Gate.
A runaway party barge was found at Calella causeway.

Feb. 22
After a southbound car collided with a deer on Fonsagrada Circle, the car  ran off the road for 61 feet, then hit a tree.
A Villager received a scam “secret shopper” check for $1,988.37 from “Sidney Skyes.”
A woman allegedly yelling at an East Gate public relations officer insisted she owned property but had no proof. Her husband came from his Village business to give permission for her to enter.
A club treasurer told police of an email scam requesting payment to a vendor via wire transfer.
An officer assisted Garland County Sheriff’s Department at a Highway 7 business.
A visitor in a red Suburban drove through East Gate on left. The driver saw the sign saying “visitors stay left.” They received a verbal warning for a broken headlight.

Feb. 23
An officer monitored shallow water running across DeSoto Boulevard at Minorca Road, but it was receding.
The fire department extinguished a small fire on a Cortez Way porch.
A patrolling officer called a wrecker for a stranded driver on DeSoto Boulevard.
A multi-color husky was seen loose on Frontera Circle.
A Villager reported receiving an item she had not ordered. The seller did not want it back because shipping could exceed the $10 cost of the item.
A black Labrador with no collar was seen near Presbyterian Kirk in the Pines.
After an officer saw a loose dog on Arias Way, he spoke to the owner about the Garland County dog ordinance.
Arias Way man who told police he wanted his heater back from a neighbor allegedly broke a door handle and was yelling and cursing. He said he didn’t intend to break the handle. He was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.
A black 55-inch Insignia TV was taken from a Tomino Lane fireplace mantle.
A Telana Way resident told police someone cut a vehicle tire. The gas cap was also open.
A Halcon Place resident with power tools in use after work hours was told of the Garland County noise ordinance.
A barking dog on Entrada Way was reported.

Feb. 24
A brown Labrador was reportedly roaming at Village Bible Church.
A brown mixed Labrador was reported on Peral Way.
A Balboa Way golfer who had been reported as a suspicious person told police he was carrying his dead golf cart battery.
An officer called a woman’s estranged boyfriend and said to have no contact with her.
A white panel van stopped on DeSoto Boulevard had a visitor’s pass but no license plate.
A barricade was placed near the Minorca Road-DeSoto Boulevard intersection because water was flowing over pavement. The public works department pumped the water out.
After a Tomino Lane man told police another man returned some of his property, but not all of it, an officer told the complainant both men could fill out voluntary statement forms. When the officer told the complainant he would need to witness his signature, the man said he didn’t have time for that and slammed the home’s front door shut.
After a storm, officers removed trees down on Almazan Way, Benevente Way, Nabo Lane, Zamora Way, Ballobar Lane, and Barcelona Road near Carlet Circle.

Feb. 25
A black SUV attempted to enter the East Gate on the exit side.
Ponce de Leon Pro Shop told police someone siphoned $30-worth of gasoline from a golf cart.
Trees were down on Romano Lane and Fenix Drive.
A caller said several people were walking dogs without leashes at Balboa Beach.
A gray-and white pit bull terrier appeared friendly, but would not allow an officer to approach. When the officer opened the partrol unit’s rear door and told the dog to “load up,” he complied. It was taken to the animal shelter.
A Victoria Lane Chihuahua dog was barking and running loose.
A van collided with a deer on Toledo Drive. Damage: $800
Police received a report of a white SUV driving on golf cart paths near Cifuentes Way.
A yellow Labrador was reportedly loose on Santa Maria Road.
An Esplendor Place shepherd dog was barking behind a chain link fence.

Feb. 26
A northbound vehicle on Minorca Road hit a deer. The deer ran off. Damage: $1,000.
Arkansas State Police reported a possible drunk driver in a black Chevrolet truck on Highway 7.
A young Rottweiler dog with a silver chain collar on Matamoroe Way seemed friendly, but snapped when an officer attempted to get it into the patrol unit. A Villager said he would keep the dog overnight for an animal control officer to pick up.
A driver hit a deer on DeSoto Boulevard at Cortez Road.
Castellon Way dogs were reportedly running loose in their own yard.
A Villager told police someone backed into his 2016 Chevrolet that was legally parked at Ponce de Leon Golf Course. The collision was at 4 p.m. Feb. 6, the complainant said.
An officer assisted an Arkansas Attorney General’s Office special agent at a Peral Circle home. After executing a search warrant, a Villager was arrested on 30 child pornography counts.
An officer observed a yellow extension cord running from one Daganza home to a neighboring home. The case remains under investigation.
An officer spoke with a landlady who was complaining about a tenant.

Feb. 27
An officer controlled traffic on Madrid Way while a large tree was cut.
A tree service reported several items stolen from a truck while it was parked at East Gate Shell. Also, the store’s air compressor was damaged and copper wire was stolen.
An officer served a misdemeanor Yell County warrant for the hot check law.
Police caught a medium-sized white dog at DeSoto and Cortez Road, but a white-and-brown dog was not caught. An injured deer reported during the call was found nearby on DeSoto Boulevard. It died at the scene.
Peter Armand Gray, 29, Pyrenees Circle, was charged with domestic battery and taken to Garland County jail.
A Villager told police he paid a caller $3,400 in a scam to purportedly fix his Dell computer.
A Villager told police a Chinese hacker used his girlfriend’s e-account to steal $1,000 on Feb. 26.
The driver of a car turning around the West Gate hit a Terminix truck, and was cited for improper lane usage. Damage: $800 car, $200 truck
Two large yellow dogs were reportedly loose on Murcia Way.

Feb. 28
Criminal mischief to the POA maintenance building at the Hernando trailhead was reported.
A driver who was stopped for having a headlight out was cited for driving on a suspended license. She said it was suspended for health reasons.
A failure-to-appear warrant was served on George Hathaway, 45, Cervia Lane. He was taken to Garland County jail, and his bond was revoked.
A black dog was loose near San Fernando at DeSoto Boulevard.
A man waving at cars on Ponce de Leon Drive said he was trying to be friendly.
A man who parked his brown pickup on Emperado Way had a POA permit to cut trees in the area.
A Villager reported fraud affecting her business account on Facebook. A man called and said he could fix the charges and give her an extra $1,000. She bought gift cards at three stores, totaling $2,300.
Police served a warrant at 7 p.m. on Anita Jean Cox, 56, Reinosa Lane. She is charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and was taken to Garland County jail.
A Lequita Place resident said her ex-husband was intoxicated when he came to pick up their children.
An officer assisted Lifenet with a very intoxicated man one block from his La Canada Way home. He received a ride home.

March 1
A burgundy Buick was reportedly driven recklessly near DeSoto and Cortez Road.
A driver on Balearic Road at Murillo Way saw two deer and hit one. Damage: $900

March 2
After a large tree blocked Alginet and most of Arias Way, a POA backhoe removed it.
A white vehicle was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed and passing westbound vehicles on DeSoto near the West Gate.