A Sunday-morning chase resulted in the arrest of a 15 year old boy wanted in Hot Springs, and the recovery of a stolen SUV, by Clinton Police.

The events began just before 8 a.m. when police received a call about a SUV stolen out of Searcy County being spotted on Highway 65 going south past Shannon Street. An officer at Choctaw went north on 65 and spotted the SUV still going south just before Lynch Drive. When the driver spotted the officer he turned onto Lynch and the officer turned on his blue lights and siren.

“The suspect,” the officer reported, “immediately fled by means of conveyance of a motor vehicle in a reckless manner, at a high rate of speed in such a manner that he attempted to avoid apprehension. We were going 60-70 mph, swerving all over the roadway on a private drive…”

As the officer followed the SUV, as the drive dead-ended, slowed for a locked gate, but then sped up, crashing through the gate, the officer still pursuing.

The SUV then crossed the pasture the gate was protecting, “narrowly avoiding,” the officer reported, the field-owner’s cattle. When the SUV reached the far end of the field it was stopped by the fence there. The driver jumped out and ran, crossing a nearby creek.

Clinton Police Chief John Willoughby said the 20th Judicial District Task Force was called and a tracking K-9 officer arrived. The K-9, using a hat the SUV driver had dropped, picked up the scent and the driver was shortly after tracked to where he had run: Under the porch of an outbuilding behind a Marpen Street home.

There he was arrested.

After arrest police discovered the driver was a 15 year old who had run away from Hot Springs where he was being held. Officers from that jurisdiction came and took the man into custody, returning him to Hot Springs.

“Charges pending,” the police report concluded.