Swerving driving resulted in a Russellville man being jailed for possible methamphetamine possession after a Thursday night traffic stop by Clinton Police.

In the report, an officer stated he was on patrol late Thursday, March 1 just after 11:30 p.m., when he was a car, a 2004 Kia driving 15 to 20 mph under the speed limit and braking erratically. The officer pulled the car over on Highway 16 East to, as the officer reported, make sure “that the driver was not falling asleep or possibly intoxicated.”

The officer stepped up to the car and asked for the driver’s paperwork, getting his license and the car registration, but no proof of insurance handed over. The officer called it in and found the man had a search waiver on file due to the man being on “active supervision,” per the report.

The driver, the only person in the car, David Bratton, 52, of Russellville, said out loud several times that he couldn’t believe he was pulled over as he was being so careful, the report stated.

(Search waivers are typically part of a probation agreement, allowing police to search the person who agreed to the waiver at any time.)

The officer had the Bratton get out of the car and frisked him, then searched the man’s car. Inside the fuse compartment near the steering wheel the officer found a crumpled cigarette pack, inside the pack “two small baggies which a which crystal substance inside of them believed to be meth,” per the report

At this point Bratton was arrested. Further search of the car found an unopened pack of 10 hypodermic needles under the car’s air filter.

Bratton was taken to jail, the Kia impounded. He is currently shown to still be held at Van Buren County jail for possible possession of meth and drug paraphernalia, both felonies, as well as no proof of insurance.

Typically charges are listed as “possible” pending testing of the evidence, and confirmation of its makeup, by the state crime lab.