Running on a platform of representing the people who called for her to run for Arkansas Governor, Republican Candidate Jan Morgan, of Hot Springs, in a visit to Van Buren County Democrat offices, said her platform was policies “of the people.”

“The establishment of both parties have betrayed the people,” she said.

The state’s budget growth of $600 mil reflected this betrayal, she said.

Morgan said she would focus on reducing waste in state government agencies once in office. Reducing waste would result in lower expenditures, in turn allowing a tax break for Arkansas residents who are being “taxed into poverty,” she said.

Morgan’s candidacy is a challenge to incumbent Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, also a Republican.

While often cited for her ownership of a gun range in Hot Springs and a at-times panelist on Fox News, Morgan said she had been an investigative reporter for broadcast for 27 years previous to those roles.

She had been traveling the state since her Dec. 31 candidacy announcement. She had earlier this year spoken to the Van Buren County Republican Party.