The National Weather Service, North Little Rock, is warning the possibility of a “wintry mix” Saturday morning.

A cold front is moving into the state. Typical in such matters it’s pushing unstable air in front of it. Due to this the service is warning of the threat of severe weather to the south, and later to the eastern part of the state Friday evening into the night.

The Friday threat includes heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and possible hail - this in turn leading to a flash flood threat in affected areas. Again, this is shown more to the south and east, along and south of a line from Arkadelphia to Dumas.

In the morning, however, the arriving cold front will impact Van Buren County. As the colder air brought by the front moves into the state we can expect below-freezing temps. That, coupled with moist air creates the potential for a “wintry mix,” per the weather service, scattered across the state from a line north of Interstate 40.

Due to this being a late-season phenomenon, the impact is expected to be mild. Some slick spots, however, are possible on area roads.