Clinton Physical Therapy has been serving the Clinton area since 2008. Over the past ten years the staff of Clinton Physical Therapy has strived in providing excellent care to all of their patients. Therapists on staff treat everything from torticollis in infants, to torn ACLs, and everything in between. Every staff member takes pride in providing the best quality of care and a friendly attitude to make your recovery just a little easier.

Clinton Physical Therapy began when Richard and Wendy Matthews purchased the business from Susan Housley in 2008. Richard, a 1992 graduate from the University of Central Arkansas, brought a wealth of knowledge to their new venture. Richard had long history of therapy work where he performed outpatient, inpatient, long-term care and home health in Cleburne County. To talk to Richard his path to physical therapy began midway through his sophomore year at UCA when his advisor Joe Finnell, who happened to be an influential part of the implementation and running of the physical therapy program, advised him that he did not stand a chance at being accepted into the program. As most young adults do, Richard accepted the challenge and used his newfound focus to secure one of the 28 positions selected out of the 250 applicants, and in return gained a career where he could spend his time helping others.

Clinton Physical Therapy’s original location besides Tobacco World served them well for their first five years of business. But owners Richard and Wendy Matthews decided it was time to expand in 2012. The Matthews had a plan of providing the community with a full-service fitness center along with their physical therapy clinic. The fitness center was to be a clean environment where people could go and feel comfortable working out with quality equipment. While providing the opportunity to improve and enhance the physical therapy aspect of their business with the addition of the fitness center, it also allows clients to continue a better lifestyle after their rehabilitation with healthy habits that can carry over into their everyday lives.

In the fall of 2012, construction began at the new location and in February of 2013 the now, Clinton Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, opened. The fitness center has had a great response from the community of Clinton and it values each and every one of its members. Not only is the fitness center a 24-hour accessible gym it also offers the Silver Sneakers Program which most Medicare supplement plans cover 100 percent. The Silver Sneakers Program is the nation’s leading exercise program for active older adults. Silver Sneakers promotes weight loss, increased energy, and improvement of overall well being.

Also on location is Zumba and Piyo fitness classes, personal trainer Justin Olmstead, and Clinton Massage Center. Clinton Massage Center offers therapeutic and orthopedic massage by appointment, with licensed massage therapist Stephanie Walters. Stephanie has practiced massage for 11 years and offers a wide range of professional treatments including hot stone therapy, paraffin baths, ear candling, and aromatherapy. These treatments are beneficial for anyone seeking to relax, to reduce stress, tension, fatigue, depression, swelling, muscle soreness, or to break up scar tissue, as well as to improve immune function, circulation, and sleep quality.

Clinton Physical Therapy and Fitness Center is located at 230 Hwy. 65 N. Suites 5-6 (just down from Rock-N-Java). For more information or to make an appointment contact Clinton Physical Therapy and Fitness Center at 501-745-8811 or check out their page at