Hot Springs Village police answered a variety of calls in the past week.

April 4
A Villager told police he fell asleep while driving on DeSoto Boulevard and ran off the road and hit a street sign, but continued on home. He was unable to say where it happened, other than it was before the hill at Minorca Road. An officer quickly found the damage, which was at Balearic Road near the Property Owners’ Association office. The driver hit a sign and a culvert. His rear bumper cover was missing, the rear passenger tire was torn up, the front bumper was damaged and the sunroof was shattered. He was cited with careless and prohibited driving.
Officers saw a large brown mastiff and a small black dog on LaPalabra Lane, but were unable to catch either one.
A Redinna Lane resident said he allowed a man to stay at his house for a month as an act of kindness, but then told him to move out. The complainant said the guest took three pair of boxing gloves, valued at a total of $250; a $15 doorknob and a $6 light bulb from the porch light. He wants to press charges and wants the items back.
A caller reported a loud crash outside a Dulzura Lane home, but an officer was unable to locate anything out of the ordinary.

April 5
A white 2003 Dodge pickup has failed to stop several times, West Gate staff said.
An unknown white substance found in the Magellan Golf Course restroom appeared to be BC powder, and not any kind of controlled substance, a report said.
A Chevrolet backing from a parking spot at Christ of the Hills United Methodist Church collided with a Honda car. Damage: $350 and $200.
A Villager told police he paid $800 to Premier Technical Support several months ago for a lifetime computer service plan. On April 2 a man who claimed to be “David Dexter” called, saying the company would be closing down and it wanted to refund the $800. In a scam involving gift cards and electronic transfers, the Villager was bilked out of $12,800 from his account over two days, and had an additional $5,000 credit card charge. Scammers were transferring funds from his savings account into his checking account, leading him to believe he was receiving a refund.
An Ochavo Way dog owner told an officer she plays fetch with her golden retriever in the early morning and late evenings. She was given a copy of the dog ordinance.
A black Chevrolet pickup reportedly was driven erratically outside the West Gate.
A Villager brought a Coors beer can with a hole in it to the police station. She found it on her children’s basketball goal, and believes was used to smoke an illegal substance in the Santa Maria Lane area.
A Villager caught a small dog on Herencia Circle that had no collar, matted fur and appeared to be malnourished. It was taken to the animal shelter.
A mother asked an officer to accompany her to her daughter’s residence to keep the peace. The elder woman said her daughter had been drinking heavily for several days and had been very upset the last time they spoke on the phone, a few days earlier. However, the daughter appeared to be glad to see her mother and apologized for her behavior.
A Halago Way resident reported a possible prowler.
A white Dodge pickup reportedly was driven erratically at the East Gate.

April 6
A complainant told police she believes a Gava Lane resident is running a business from his home because big trucks had been going down the road the past week. The homeowner said he had been having furniture deliveries all week.
A Village couple learned their identities had been stolen after their accountant told them someone had filed a tax return with their identity. The complainants said the accountant had told them it was the fifth time he had seen this year of people who had been treated at a certain Hot Springs medical institution who also discovered stolen identities when they prepared tax returns.
The driver of a Honda car that ran off DeSoto Boulevard near Sierra Drive was cited for careless and prohibited driving. Damage: $800.

April 7
A complainant feared a North Badalona Drive neighbor had not cut a tree professionally after the tree hung up on another tree after being cut. The owner said a friend was en route to assist.
A Villager locked herself in her vehicle after the battery died. An officer unsuccessfully tried to get her to pull the unlock lever. After the battery was boosted police were able to talk her into using the correct unlock button.
Someone in a light-blue SUV might have been taking sand from the side of Fresno Road, a report said.
After a report of a possible drunk driver, an officer saw the GMC truck on Barcelona Road, followed it home and saw no problem.
The driver of a Ford pickup said he backed up at Balboa Gate when a driver in front was unable to enter. The pickup struck a Nissan 370Z. The car received about $300 damage.

April 8
A Villager was told her dog’s electronic collar was in compliance with the Garland County leash law, but she could not play golf with her dog.
A deer ran off after colliding with a Volkswagen Golf on DeSoto Boulevard near Diamante Boulevard. Damage: $800.
A Villager was cited for a fictitious tag for displaying a license plate on a Kia that belonged to another vehicle. The driver said the other car had broken down and the Kia had an expired plate.
Two men who reportedly told a Divino Place resident they were looking for a job site told an officer they had been looking for a place to fish.
A Cortez Way dog owner received a warning about the dog ordinance.
The driver of a white Chevrolet pickup parked on Almonte Way said he was looking for moss, and said a friend had called him in a gate. After being told it is against policy to pick up moss, the officer learned the man had a suspended driver’s license and a Jefferson County warrant. He received a court date, and a friend came and picked up his truck.

April 9
A loose dog was reported on Asturias Drive.
A Chevrolet Impala reportedly was driven erratically on DeSoto, near Calella Road.
An officer saw a loose dog with no collar on La Granja Circle.
A loose dog was reportedly in the Arias Way area.
A Villager learned from a scam phone call she had won $11 million and a Mercedes-Benz.
Responding to a complaint, an officer saw one trailer parked at Balboa boat ramp had a current POA permit, and the other had an expired permit, but was properly displaying a current day pass.
An injured opossum found on DeSoto Boulevard near Minorca died at the scene.

April 10
A man who had been living in a North Badalona Drive home for five years with permission of the owner’s daughter said he would leave when told she did not want him there anymore. The house is being prepared for sale.
A skateboarder reportedly skated off the roof of an Arias Way home, may have hit the driveway hard and then entered the home. A loose dog was also seen in the area. Responding officers found a scooter in the garage that is licensed to another Village address. Officers also saw a clear smoking device and an empty bag that apparently had contained a vegetative substance. Doors appeared to have been forced open, and the house had no power. Concerned about a possibly injured young man and the possible forced entry, officers entered the home. They found a dog that appeared to be malnourished. It was taken to the animal shelter. The scooter’s owner was found at his home and said his son rents the house, and is allowed to use the scooter. He said his son skates a lot and gets injured. Meanwhile, the roommate of the skater called the police station about his dog. Both young men were headed to the station to talk about the dog, the report said.

April 11
Police assisted LifeNet in getting a Jarandilla Drive resident from her home to an ambulance. The home has a very steep driveway, the report said.
A gray truck failed to stop at the West Gate.
A maroon Nissan reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
The sanitation department found an Almazon Way resident who had fallen and hit his head while taking out the trash. An officer checked on the man, who said it was OK to contact LifeNet. He was evaluated, but refused medical transport.
A gray Chevrolet SUV failed to stop at the West Gate.
A silver Toyota Corolla failed to stop at the West Gate.
A white Chevrolet pickup reportedly tailgated in Balboa Gate.
An officer captured a snake on Heraldia Lane, and relocated it.
The police dispatcher received a call from a woman who said a male passenger was attacking her on Toledo Drive, but the GMC was not located.
Police and firefighters helped on Santistaban Way, where a tree fell onto the road, also downing a power line. Entergy came and repaired the line.

April 12
A suspicious white van has reportedly been in the Coronado Fitness Center area on several mornings.
A Villager died unexpectedly in his home from natural causes around 9:50 p.m. April 11, the Saline County coroner ruled.
An officer checked on a driver who had a medical emergency in the Alhaja Way area.
An officer responded to a parking complaint at a Rubi Circle estate sale.
A red hatchback was driven erratically in DeSoto and Minorca area.
An officer detained a 44-year-old Jessieville man after a trespassing complaint in the 1000 block of North Highway 7 after it was discovered the man allegedly had parole violations and a Hot Springs misdemeanor warrant.
East Gate staff said a car ran over and dragged off a traffic cone. Police went to the driver’s Promesa Drive home and didn’t find the cone under the car, but later found it on Elcano Drive.
A Cambre Circle sunbather suspected a camera in a birdhouse was recording her, but upon inspection, it was found to be an electronic bird deterrent device and not a camera.
A burgundy Ford truck tailgated in the East Gate.