A pipe wrapped in black tape against the side of a building led to the bomb squad being called in Clinton Monday night, April 30.

Per City of Clinton Police Chief John Willoughby, the events unfolded beginning with a phone call to police Monday night at about 8:30 p.m. An employee of the Flash Market Citgo station on Highway 65 had found a suspicious looking pipe, wrapped in some sort of tape, in the parking lot against the station’s back wall.

The business has fuels pumps both out front and behind the building.

An officer arrived, confirmed the device was there, about 4 feet from the back door, and that it looked suspicious. The Arkansas State Police were called and a bomb tech was sent to the site to check on it. Meanwhile the business was evacuated and a 300 foot perimeter was established keeping people - and electronic devices - clear of the pipe, Willoughby said.

The tech from the state police arrived, assessed the situation and called for the bomb squad from Faulkner County, to bring a X-Ray device and a bomb-handling robot.

Willoughby said it was his understanding that an X-ray of a suspicious device is the first step in investigations like this by trained technicians.

After the device was X-rayed it was found not to be a threat and an all-clear was given at about 11 p.m., Willoughby said. He had the pipe in his office.

The device was, apparently, something a workman would use to keep tools or equipment dry while on a job site. The short plastic pipe has a cap on one end which was easy to pull off.

At presstime nobody had been by the police department to claim the pipe.