The recent arrest of a man for a misdemeanor trespassing complaint led to law enforcement finding 1.7 pounds of methamphetamine in a car.

The events began April 8 when a Van Buren County deputy arrested Cad Cossey, 30, or Russellville “for the misdemeanor offense of possession of a controlled substance following a trespassing complaint,” the affidavit provided by 20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Luke Ferguson stated. The “controlled substance” was marijuana, the report stated.

The deputy searched the car Cossey was driving and found a locked safe and a laptop computer. The 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force (DTF) was contacted. In outlining the investigation, the deputy told the DTF agent that Cossey told him the car “and everything inside it,” belonged to a third man, who Cossey named to the deputy.

The deputy had interviewed the car owner, who gave “conflicting stories,” about the safe, the affidavit stated. The deputy asked the DTF agent to bring a narcotic detector dog to the Sheriff’s office in order to sniff the safe.

The dog was brought on scene April 9 and alerted that there were drugs inside the safe. Deputies got a search warrant and the safe was opened April 10. Inside officers found “Three plastic bags containing off white crystalline substance that field tested positive for methamphetamine weighing approximately 1.75 pounds,” the report stated.

Also recovered was a “.32 caliber handgun loaded with (6) rounds,” “Misc. documents to an individual with the last name of Cossey,” “Misc. methamphetamine paraphernalia,” and “Small baggie with off white crystalline substance inside that field tested positive for methamphetamine,” the report concluded.

The report stated that inside the safe, other than the paperwork with Cossey’s name, was “items belonging to several separate individuals,” none of which were the third man Cossey named to officers.

Court records show Cossey is charged with two Class Y felonies, one for “Trafficking a Controlled Substance” and the second for “Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearm” and is currently out on bond pending trial.