A “Be on the Lookout” call resulted in the arrest of a man for theft and a felon in possession of a firearm by Clinton Police.

Events began Tuesday morning, May 8 when the Sheriff's office put out a call to “Be on the Lookout” for someone who had just stolen a item from Radio Shack, then left in a white Dodge truck going north on Highway 65. The description included the last three digits of the pickup's license plate.

A Clinton Police officer spotted the truck a short while later, parked at NAPA Auto Parts on the north side of town. The officer spoke with the driver of the pickup, Rusty Sims, 40, of Mountain View, who admitted to having taken a soldering iron from Radio Shack. He agreed to go back to Radio Shack and pay for the item.

The officer called in Sim's ID and found out he was “…a convicted felon on drug charges,” the report stated.

The officer asked Sims if he had any weapons and Sims replied he did not. The officer then asked to search the pickup and Sims agreed to the officer doing so, but then stopped the officer, admitting “There was probably a gun” in the truck. As they spoke Sims admitted to a gun being under the truck's console. There the officer found a .380 caliber pistol and two magazines, the report stated.

The officer also noted several items in the truck cab which were still in boxes. Further search reveals batteries in the back of the truck, similar to those used on oil pads. By now Sims was in handcuffs, and a sheriff's investigator was called. The investigator checked the batteries and took pictures. Later that day it was confirmed the batteries were stolen from an oil pads.

Sims was jailed, charges including felon in possession of a firearm and theft. The truck was towed. The arresting officer also contacted Sims' parole officer.