Tony Soyani, owner of the Hometown Inn located at 424 Hwy. 65 B, has lived on three continents and explored many business opportunities before he found a home here in Clinton. Soyani was born in India in 1960 and, while we are counting this as one of the continents he has lived on, his stay there was short lived. At the age of two his parents uprooted their family and moved to England where Tony would spend the majority of his youth. He attended college at the age of 16 for a couple of years, but left school at the age of 18 to start an electronics company. He spent the next two years building his company and subsequently selling it at age 20. With a little more maturity and a new focus on life, Tony returned to college to finish his education and completed his degree at age 23 with a major in business and a minor in electronics.

Fresh out of school and eager to find new business opportunities, his family decided to move to the United States where they spent a year traveling the states to find the right location for them to start their new life. Tony spent the next 12 years on the west coast doing a variety of occupations from owning a dry cleaners, to being public relations at a winery, to running a motel. These professions would lead to him starting a management company specializing in hotel management. Tony would spend the next 16 years in hotel management before retiring his corporate title to buy The Sunset Hotel, a small hotel in Marshall, in 2012.

According to Soyani, the slow pace of managing a small hotel suits him ,although he has found himself in a situation where manual labor is almost a daily occurrence; but without the constant pressure of the corporate world, Tony has been able take a step back and relax a little bit. Well, relaxing was the case until he proceeded to purchase the Sycamore Hotel, and the Hometown Inn. One would think that three properties would keep someone busy enough, but Tony still finds time to cook traditional Indian dishes and has made a habit of sharing them with the locals. His Indian culinary skills has provided him with quite a following. In addition to his taste of India that he has shared with Clinton, he is also head of the Clinton Advertising and Promotion Committee and can be seen at public events volunteering his time.

The Hometown Inn was built in the mid 1940’s, with additions in the 1960’s. It is located in the historical district of Clinton. Its outdoor corridor style allows customers to park their cars outside their rooms, providing security for workers and travelers alike, and the convenience of being able to unload their car right outside their room. With reasonable rates, cable, internet, microwave, and refrigerators in every room, the Hometown Inn is ideal for a one night or and extended stay. To book a stay at the Hometown Inn for yourself or would be house guest, you can contact Tony at 501-745-6612 or stop by the Hometown Inn at 424 Hwy. 65 B in Clinton.