After concerns expressed to the Quorum Court about the animal shelter running out of money and closing, recent donations have restored confidence that the shelter will remain in operation at least into August, Lori Treat, with the SNYP Animal Shelter said.

“It’s not as bleak,” Treat said.

Shortly after her announcement at the June 21 Quorum Court meeting that the shelter was out of money and she was no longer able to fund it “out of her own pocket,” Treat said a $1,000 donation came in. Since then a second, $800, donation had arrived, as well as donations of supplies, she said.

With all this the shelter is full, with dogs and cats up for adoption. The shelter had received five dogs Friday, June 29, and an additional dog Monday, July 1, as well as six more dogs “on the way,” she said.

The dogs had come from various sources, including abandonment, Treat said. The five dogs which came in Friday were owned by a woman who died and had the dogs at her home. With nobody to care for the animals, they were taken to the shelter.

Cats, as well, were at capacity in the shelter. Treat said cats are often better adoption candidates. People who adopt dogs are required to have a fenced-in yard, while cats do not have the same requirement, she said.

As well as adopting animals, Treat said the shelter continued to count on donations, both money and items such as bleach wipes and kitty litter. The shelter gets ample food donations, both for cats and dogs, from Walmart, she said.

The shelter had been a joint operation between Van Buren County and the City of Clinton until 2016 when it was taken over by SNYP Arkansas, a not-for-profit. The expectations were the shelter would be able to operate with the work of volunteers and donations from citizens. Treat told the Quorum Court at its June meeting that the funding expectations had not been met. As a result, she had used $19,000 of her own money and was not willing to make any additional investment.

Those interested in shelter donations or adoptions may call the shelter at 501-745-7697.