A drug dog’s response to a pickup truck led to a Clinton man’s arrest by Clinton police Wednesday night, June 20.

According to the police report, officers were watching a gas station at the Hwy. 65 and 9 intersection at 7 p.m. when they saw a white 2011 Ford pickup truck pull up at a nearby restaurant. As officers watched, the man and woman in the truck got out and went inside the business, staying inside “for awhile.” When they came back out, a motorcycle pulled up and they spoke with the rider and passenger on the motorcycle.

After that conversation they pulled up to the gas station pumps and went inside. The officers, who were watching the area due to “reported drug activity,” per the report, ran the drug dog around the truck three times while the pair was inside. Per the report the dog “alerted” to there being something in the truck.

The Van Buren County Sheriff Randy Gurley told the Quorum Court recently that the county had been using a drug dog. The dog was free to use, but the county was paying its owner as a part-time deputy. That deputy was shown in the report as the officer working with the K-9 in searching the truck.

As the dog completed searching the truck, the woman of the couple who had been seen in it came outside and asked what was going on, per the report. The officer told her, Jennifer Barnes, of Clinton, who was the registered owner of the pickup, that the dog had alerted to the truck and the police needed her keys in order to search it. Barnes asked for a search warrant and was told one was not required due to the K-9 alert. Since the truck was parked at a fuel pump, no warrant was needed in order for the dog to circle the truck, the report stated.

The pickup was searched and a small pipe suspected of being used for smoking methamphetamine was found under the console. The man police had seen driving the truck, Johnny Shadell, 41, of Clinton, told police the pipe was his and he had used it the day before when he “smoked meth.” As the search continued police had Barnes dump her purse out. In doing so a small metal pipe fell out, breaking into two pieces, per the report, one piece on the seat and one on the floor. The officer recovered the pieces, screwed them back together and showed them to Shadell, who said it was his pipe.

Shadell, listed in the report as 6 ft. 1 in. tall and 303 lbs., told police he had heart problems and an ambulance was called. Shadell was taken to Ozark Health for evaluation. The report concluded that Shadell was cited for possessing the instruments of a crime.