Local lawyer Melanie Beltran is a hometown girl following her passion wherever that might lead her. In 1999, Melanie, who a graduate of Shirley High School, didn’t know where the path of life would take her, but it was evident early on wherever that path lead, she had the drive to and work ethic to be successful.

Melanie didn’t always know she was destined to be a lawyer. In 2008 she graduated from UCA with a degree in English and a minor in history. With a new degree and the world in front of her, she recalls her options; she could take up teaching or pursue four more years of school to become a lawyer. Unsure of which career to choose Beltran started working with a local lawyer as a paralegal and that experience was the start of journey to one day open her own law firm. After a couple of years as a paralegal Beltran started law school in 2010. Melanie was now a new mother and worked full time as a paralegal, commuted to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to be a full time law student, and balanced that with the responsibilities of everyday life. With the help of her husband Shawn and a lot of juggling of responsibilities, she graduated with honors from UALR’s Bowen School of Law in 2014.

Fresh out of law school Beltran accepted a position in Heber Springs with a local law firm and began her career. As she became more familiar with law and worked her way through the ranks at her new firm, everything in the world was going her way, but one thing still wasn’t right: no matter how close Heber Springs is, it just wasn’t home. Melanie began exploring the idea of opening her own firm in early 2016 and on April 4, 2016, she opened Melanie Beltran Attorney at Law PLLC.

Melanie Beltran Attorney at Law offers services in real estate, estate planning, family law, and probate. These services include wills, deeds, and trusts, among other services. Melanie recalls when starting her own firm she didn’t know how busy she would be, but her initial fears of being able to keep one assistant busy soon subsided due to business being great from the start. Beltran is an active member in the Clinton Chamber of Commerce, Shirley School Board, and Clinton Rotary Club, and her life still seems to be a juggling act on some days, but she is home following her passion and serving people and a community she truly cares about.