HELENA-WEST HELENA- Andrew Bagley, President of the Helena-West Helena School District Board of Directors, announced his candidacy for reelection to the HWHSD Board of Directors today. Bagley served as Chairman of the Advisory School Board for three years and as President of the School Board for the last two.

Bagley said, “It has been honor to lead the Board of Directors of our district for the past five years. During that time, we have made considerable strides and the district is in a better position now than it has been in a generation. It is my hope that the voters will bless me with an opportunity to continue to serve.”

Bagley continued by noting the remarkable progress the district has made during the last five years. saying, “The Helena-West Helena School District is in a better position now than it has been in at least a generation due to the hard work, strong leadership, and tough decisions that have been made. We have resurrected the district and secured the return of local control. We have restored financial stability. We have improved our academic programs and we have rallied our community around the district to fund modern facilities for our students.”

Bagley continued, “The key for continued growth and improvement for our school district is to stay the course and continue offering strong, bold leadership. It is my hope that the voters will vote to continue this work and keep the district on an upward trajectory by validating the progress that has been made over the last five years and vote for my reelection.”

Bagley noted several specific initiatives that he was particularly proud to have helped develop. Topping the list was the passage of the funding for the facilities improvements at Central High School, which includes a new high school with a 500-seat auditorium for the fine arts programs, modern labs, and improved athletic facilities. Bagley also took great pride in the completion of the Eliza Miller Building at J. F. Wahl Elementary School, the investment in enhanced training for Advanced Placement courses through the implementation of the AAIMS program, the establishment of the partnership with Thrive Inc. to enhance the EAST and Art programs at Central High School, the formation of the Academy of Excellence program at J. F. Wahl Elementary School, the investment in improvements to the district’s Alternative Education program to reduce expulsions, a high profile role in the writing and passage of Act 1240 by the General Assembly to level the playing field for public and charter schools, and the increased private financial support of the district through more funds being raised through the Helena-West Helena Booster Club and the formation of the Helena-West Helena Public School Foundation.