Thursday, after sunset, the crescent moon pairs with the planet Jupiter. Look south.

Next week, Tuesday night, the Alpha Cygnids Meteor Shower peaks at a rate of five per hour. The same night the moon pairs with the planet Saturn. Look to the south.

August 25, Saturday, the Annual ACCDA Meeting & Taco Salad Supper is scheduled. Everyone’s invited.

At the recent Crabtree Community Reunion Izene Collins said he did not have time for his hay bale garden this year as he had gone back to work. But he remains a fan of the concept and hopes to have more time for it next year.

Also at the reunion, Eunice Lemings talked about how successful Crabtree’s Senior Night Potluck had been in July. Her offering of BLTs was a big hit. She’s amazed how infrequently there are duplications at the Potluck. She’s heard some complaints about the cancellation of August’s Potluck but said it’ll be back the last Friday in September with a theme of “Fall Colors.”

Neighbor Johnny Fizjurl says he is having a record crop of Roma tomatoes and making lots of sauce. Also thriving are his purple hulled peas which he prefers to freeze. He finds shelling very relaxing and it helps him feel like he’s doing something useful while watching DVDs.

Saw my first locust of the season this past week and also my first Cicada Killer Wasp. While Cicada Killers are large and fierce-some looking they’re so focused on catching cicadas and mating they rarely bother people like some other wasps will. But play it safe and stay away and avoid stepping on them with bare feet as their burrows are in the ground. If you’ve never seen one, they are mostly black with pale yellow markings and often carrying a locust.

If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.