Sorry we have been out of pocket for a while. James has been under the weather for a few weeks and we have spent some time at St. Vincent. He had some test and seems to be doing much better. We are trying to get back in the groove again.

It is good to see that Red Ingram is home and seems to be doing some better. Still not very active. I heard that Hollis Fry was having surgery. I hope he is home by now and progressing well. Joy Sturtevant is still in the hospital and is improving a little. It is still going to be a slow and long recovery. We ask all of you to remember these in your prayers and any one that we do not know of. Pray for healing and remember their loved ones also.

All of the rain has been a blessing and even with the humidity it still seems cooler. So we certainly will not complain.

May Hall has fallen several times trying to get into her house, so a crew lead by Donna Huffman Baker and consisted of Donald Ramsey, Gary Ingram and Roy Black (maybe some that I have not heard of) spent several days building a nice ramp at May Hall’s home. It looks very nice with hand rails and gravel at the base of it. I am sure she feels much safer when she goes in and out. Mary has had lots of heath problems and uses a wheelchair and a walker at times and I know she has fallen several time. I am sure this will help. Thanks to all that took on this project and helped someone in need. That is what neighbors are for.

It seems the summer went past so fast and it is hard to believe that the kids are already back to school. Be sure to watch for the school buses and the kids as they get on and off. Stay safe and if anyone has Scotland new please call James Burns at 593-3935 and he will see that it gets into the paper.