The Voluntary Soil Conservation Tax is a vital source of funding for the Van Buren County Conservation District (VBCCD) that all county taxpayers can add when paying their county taxes. This tax is important to your local Conservation District to ensure that all Conservation Resources are available to residents of the county. Your contributions make possible such things as up to date rental equipment including a no-till drill, herbicide sprayer, fertilizer spreader and pasture aerator as well as supplies, conservation information materials and technical equipment for the design and installation of recommended practices.

The Conservation District works hand in hand partnership with the USDA and Natural Resource Conservation Service by recognizing the needs of the County, then applying their own expertise or by coordinating and assisting the efforts of other state and federal agencies.

Your VBCCD can assist you with conservation planning along with engineering assistance and possible financial aid with flooding, soil erosion, water quality or quantity, wildlife, pasture management, outdoor recreation along with other issues. For more information, be added to the mailing list or to inquire about assistance, contact the VBCCD office at 100 Success Drive, Suite 24 (County Annex), Clinton, or call 501-745-5161, ext 3.