A Clinton Police Department officer was bit by a woman as he was arresting her in a Aug. 11 incident, per the arrest affidavit.

The affidavit states the officer was called to a Douglas Lane address about a “possibly intoxicated” woman there “breaking things.” The two officers arrived and spoke to the woman who made the call, who told them of a woman sitting in a car parked in a garage nearby. The woman had been dropped off at the address by a truck, when then left, police were told, per the report.

Officers went to the garage and found the woman there as described, sitting in a car with one leg hanging outside. They told the woman to step from the car and the woman told them (paraphrasing the report) to do something anatomically impossible. As one of the officers reached for the woman a struggle took place, knocking the flashlight from the officer’s hand and then biting him on the hand, near this thumb.

The bite was serious enough to draw blood, the report stated.

The second officer threatened the woman with pepper spray and she then got out of the car, and was handcuffed.

The woman was identified as Leslie Nicole Ward, 34, of Greenbrier.

An ambulance was called and Ward was, reportedly, uncooperative with ambulance staff. The ambulance crew did bandage the officer’s bite wound. Ward was taken to jail where she is, per the Van Buren County Sheriff’s office website, currently held without bond.

The reporting officer found out Ward bit a second officer at the jail as she was being admitted there “for detox,” per the report. That officer, who was wearing a glove, did not have any skin broken by the bite, per the report.

The homeowner showed the officer where the woman had overturned a table and broken some dishes on the home’s back porch.The reporting officer, while investigating, found a red purse with its contents spilled near where the table was overturned. They did not know the woman, the homeowner told police.

The investigating officer interviewed Ward, who said she had been dropped off at the home by a man named “Tyler,” but she had some uncertainty due to her drinking bourbon. The only thing she could recall, she told the officer was that “… two kids had tried to hurt her and she fought back.” She did not recall anything after that until she woke up in jail, she told the officer, the report stated.

Ward is charged with Aggravated assault, Public Intoxication, Criminal Trespass, Criminal Mischief and Resisting Arrest

The police officer who was bitten was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.