From Conway Police Department reports

Local tow company burglarized

An unknown suspect broke into the Jim Smith Collision & Wrecker Center early Saturday morning, making off with several items, including one of the employee's personal vehicles.

According to an incident report, authorities were called to the wrecker service shortly before noon Monday after employees arrived at the business and noticed several items were missing.

Owner Same Mitchell told police he reviewed security footage and learned "a white male broke into the business, stole several items, and then drove off in [an employee's] personal vehicle."

As officers cleared the business, one officer "noted that the walk-in door to the back of the shop was unlocked and was not secured," according to the report.

After reviewing the security footage, authorities saw "a white male wearing black pants, black shirt, camouflage boonie cap with headlamp, an orange bandana over his face, light colored gloves, and black and white shoes" snooping through the back of the shop. The suspect "moves around the shop with little worry, looking into toolboxes and vehicles" before collecting several items and loading them into a large rolling trashcan.

According to the report, the suspect took his time selecting items and was inside the shop "for nearly six hours."

At one point, the suspect wandered into Mitchell's office.

"The suspect was caught on camera again inside Mitchell's office," the report reads in part. "While searching Mitchell's office, the suspect actually walks up to the camera and knocks it over from where it was sitting on a box in the corner of the room. After a lengthy time in the business, the suspect exits the building and goes outside and leaves in [an employee's] truck."

Gas station employees report feeling threatened by gambler

Authorities were called out to the Shell gas station on east Oak Street on Saturday regarding a customer who was demanding free lottery tickets.

Two employees called Conway officers to the gas station shortly before 10 p.m. after a man came into the store, bought some lottery tickets and reportedly began demanding free lottery tickets, according to an incident report.

One of the employees said she was helping a new employee close the business when the suspect came into the gas station and scratched off the tickets he'd purchased before becoming irate after not winning. The woman said the suspect "returned to the store and began demanding that [she] give him free lottery tickets."

"Give me free tickets. I'm a gambler," the man reportedly said while holding a "club-shaped flashlight."

After being denied free tickets, the women said the suspect, later identified as 40-year-old Eric Morris, rode off on his bicycle after shining his flashlight through the windows toward the lottery tickets. As the women were speaking with the responding officer, Morris reportedly called the gas station asking why they'd called police and stated he wanted to speak with the officer.

The officer agreed to meet with Morris at his residence to explain the situation and reason for why he was called out to the Oak Street gas station.

According to the officer's report, Morris was standing in his driveway holding the club-shaped flashlight when the officer arrived at his home. The man denied threatening the women, stating he asked for more tickets and never demanded them.

Per the employees' request, Morris was ultimately banned from the businesses.