Jacqueline Oaks, a 36 year old female, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault and handgun possession on school property. The Greenwood Police Department was contacted at approximately 6 pm by a parent that reported someone had pointed a gun at her juvenile son and his three friends.

According to the police report the juveniles stated that a female had pointed a gun at them while they were walking in the parking lot of East Hills Middle School near the football field. The witness were able to describe the woman and her truck.

One of the juveniles stated that after she pointed the gun at them she then continued through the parking lot and headed towards Mount Harmony.

Greenwood PD performed a traffic stop on a vehicle matching the description given by the victims near Kings Mountain Loop at 7:12 pm.

Oaks denied pointing the gun at anyone that but later admitted to the crime. Oaks was arrested, her firearm was seized and her concealed carry permit was confiscated to be sent to the state police.