James Dean Allison of Jenny Lind pleaded guilty Aug. 1 to conspiracy to commit theft of the Jenny Lind Volunteer Fire Department trucks and other equipment recovered in Cedarville last March.

He must pay a $2,500 fine, court costs of $150, and is allowed to be on unsupervised probation for 48 months for the Class C felony.

The trucks and most of the other missing items taken from the Jenny Lind unit were discovered at the Cedarville Fire Department shortly after they were discovered stolen in late March 2017. The trucks and equipment are now in possession of the Sebastian County Judge’s Office.

Allison was arrested March 29, 2017 following an investigation by the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office. Two fire trucks, gear, radios and other vehicles were missing from the Jenny Lind unit. The Sebastian County Quorum Court had voted on March 21, 2017 to integrate the Jenny Lind Fire Department with surrounding fire districts.

Former Jenny Lind Fire Chief Brian Allison, the son of James Dean Allison, had also been arrested on a charge of conspiracy to commit theft. Brian Allison’s charges were dismissed by the Sebastian County prosecutor on Aug. 1.

The Board of the Jenny Lind Fire Department had voted to turn all equipment over to the Sebastian County Judge’s Office for safekeeping until redistricting was complete.