Note change: The EHC meeting originally scheduled for Thursday has moved to Sept. 20.  Time and place will be the same, 1:30-2:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse in Alread. 

The young crescent moon will be right above bright planet Venus in the west in the early evening on Wednesday. Thursday the moon pairs with Jupiter. And Sunday the first quarter moon will be official at 6:16p.m.

Regional RallyX auto racing returns to Crabtree for event number 5 on Oct. 6. Registration is available online at

Oct. 9 is The Annual Community Blood Drive in Alread. Signup online at or call Marge at 745-6304 or Burtie at 745-5278. 

A reader called about last week’s mention of The Arkansas Feral Hog Eradication Task Force. It was formed last year by our state legislature to create a plan to address this economically devastating problem. They are presently, through October 22, seeking public input on the use of hog bait (poison) as a possible means of control. 

Neighbor Johnny Fizjurl was recently commenting on the generally poor quality of soil around here. Says he likes to plant a crop like Sudan grass or winter wheat (there are other options) and then plowing it under when mature. He also uses much manure and compost. “It ain’t perfect but it helps,” he said. 
If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.