I can’t begin to tell you what the Clinton community has meant to me, Joe, and Kaycee the last few days. The out poring of love and concern is amazing. Lacey Newland Standridge has went above and beyond. I can’t begin to name everyone but we know who you are and it is making this devastating disaster easier to take.

When you lose everything you have, even some of your pets the feeling of being lost and alone is overwhelming. Then comes friends, church family, and the whole community. People I don’t even know; people I’ve known my whole life: My family, Joe’s family, my precious stepdaughters, Benny and Susan Scarberry, Danny Newland, Bart L Baker, Frank Baker. These men helped Joe with his Beagles that survived thanks to the firemen. Bart and Frank were at the burned house early the next morning making sure the dogs had water and food.

Everyone that knows Joe, knows how much he loves his beagles, and that’s all he had left. Benny brought portable pens ad dog boxes so Joe could get them moved where we are staying. And that brings me to Dan, Peggy and Dapple Eoff. They gave us a house to live in. What a blessing they are. We have been neighbors for thirty years.

Anna Lou Gardner we love you so much. The Methodist thrift store has been great. Debbie England, Mike and my other neighbors that are like family. Gabby Henson that came to me in the pouring rain to make sure we were okay. The Clinton First Assembly of God, my church Culpepper Community. Thank you to everyone so much!! We love you all so much.

Joe and Karen Lefler