Today, Friday has been a very nice cool day.  I wish I could have been outside to enjoy it.  When you stay inside most of the time it seems that the time just flies.  So now fall is almost here.  I saw the leaves blowing when I looked out a few minutes ago. We will soon see the colors change.



I want to remind everyone to get their fair entries ready for the exhibits.  I am busy cutting mats and framing pictures for the fair.  I hope to get to go this year.  I always enjoy looking at all of the wonderful things everyone does and getting to visit with all of the friends that I see there. Entries need to be in on Monday the 17th.


Years ago I think about 1992 when Helen Baker was working on getting that beautiful old yellow house at Bee Branch on the National Registry,  she ask me to do an oil painting of it.  I felt so honored that she had ask me and I worked very hard to do a good job.  Like a lot of other things, once we are finished with a project we go on to other things and forget about the past. Now the beautiful old house is going to be sold, so I ask about the painting and was able to borrow it for a while and cleaned it and oiled and refurbished the frame and I was even more pleased now then I was when I first finished it. 


I was granted permission to make some prints and cards from the painting and they will be out very soon.  Thank You, Harold Starks for letting me do that and to Ina Cassell for putting me in touch with him.  This is such a beautiful house, built in 1907 and it would make a great Bed and Breakfast or a Restaurant and the location is perfect.


It is nice to have a little rest after the Wagon Races and the Fish Fries.  It was great and fun and lots of folks volunteered and did a good service and we will all look forward to doing it again next year.


Time to go home so everyone be safe and if you have Scotland News call James Burns at 592-3925.