An expired license led to Clinton Police arresting a Black Rock man on felony charges in the very early hours of Tuesday, Oct. 2.

According to the police report an officer on patrol just after midnight was following a gray BMW on Highway 65 and noticed the car was driving very slow. He called in the license plate as the car turned off Highway 65 onto Highway 16 East, still moving slow. The officer followed. As he did so the car pulled onto the entrance road at the airport. The officer stopped nearby.

As the officer waited he saw the BMW pull back out and continue on Highway 16, drifting out of its lane near the Burnt Ridge Road intersection. The officer pulled the car over and they both pulled into a nearby parking lot. The officer was joined by a deputy.

The officer spoke with the driver, who told him she did not have a driver’s license and her driver’s license was expired. She gave the officer a name and birthdate. The deputy, on the other side of the car, asked for the passenger’s license. The officer called in these names to dispatch and was told the driver had a license which expired in 2016, and the passenger was a parolee with a search waiver on file.

Both officer went back to the car, and the passenger argued that he did not have a search waiver on file and the officer was mistaken. They asked the pair to step from the car, asking them if they had any contraband in the car, “several times,” per the report.

“They both stated ‘no’ every time,” the officer reported.

Meanwhile a call was made to the probation officer who confirmed there was a search waiver, adding that the passenger, William Cagle, 44, of Black Rock, also did not have the required waiver which allowed him to travel. The officers had the driver and passenger get out of the car and began to search the car, quickly finding what the reported labeled a “fake handgun” between the front seats. As the deputy began to search some duffel bags in the car, the officer spotted a glass “smoking device” with a white residue in it. He told the deputy and they put both the driver and Cagle in handcuffs. At this point, the officer reported, Cagle began “… shouting that everything in the car was his.”

The pair now in custody, the officers continued to search the car, finding a sock with three plastic bags in it, each containing a white powder suspected of being methamphetamine.

The officer stopped the search to ask Cagle about the bags, and Cagle admitted to the officer, per the report, that it was methamphetamine in the bags, they belonged to him, and he would tell the officers where everything else was in the car if they would let the driver go. The officer agreed to “work with” Cagle, who then told the officer of a container in the car’s back seat, and the combination to the container. The officer opened the container and found several syringes and related material for injecting methamphetamine, along with the residue of a white powder and a set of digital scales.

Cagle confirmed to the officer this was all that was in the car. Both officers searched the car again, but no further contraband was discovered.

The officer spoke with the driver, who told the officer she was not aware of the drugs in the car and she “had been clean for over a year.” The officer removed her handcuffs.

Cagle was taken to jail, and the driver, along with her dog, was taken by a second officer to the jail so she could arrange for a ride. The car was towed.

The driver was charged with driving left of center and driving with an expired license. Cagle was charged with felony possession of drug paraphernalia and felony possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute. He is currently listed as held in the Van Buren County jail.