Incoming state representative for district 68 Stan Berry spoke to the Fairfield Bay Rotary Club Oct. 17, sharing with them his vision as he readies to assume office Jan. 1.

Berry, from Dover, had run for state rep and won the primary. With no challenger in the current election, Berry will assume office Jan. 1.

Berry did tell the crowd about his expectations going into office, including the recently announced re-organization made by Governor Asa Hutchinson. Berry had some concerns as the re-organization including the planned combining of the Department of Education with Higher Education.

“University presidents are very independent,” Berry said.

He also spoke to the plans for state highways, pointing out that the issue was not on the 2019 agenda. The problem, to date, he said was any highway improvements came from committee with the need to raise taxes to fund the improvement. Going forward would be the opportunity for “People to come up with their own plan,” which would allow highway expansion without raising taxes.

Berry told the group his desire was to be on the Agriculture committee, “and whatever it takes to have a successful session.”

A question about casinos, and the politics of locating casinos, from the audience led to a discussion, ending with Berry’s statement, “Any town or city should have the opportunity to vote no what goes into their town.”

Berry said afterwards that one of the first issues he hopes to address when he assumes office is the issue of unwanted telemarketing calls.