It has been a very busy week in Scotland.  We had our breakfast First Saturday Breakfast with a good turn out, then went right into the big event. Everyone worked hard and everything was ready for Pig Eye Daze on time. They even got the big stage up for the free concert. It was nice to have all of the great music and entertainers.  The bands were great and we had a large turnout. I think the committee is already making plans for next year. It was a lot of work and I am sure everyone is tired and happy that it was another success.


We are getting ready for cold weather but amazed that it is November and it is still warm.  Do not give up. Winter will get here.


I had the art studio open during Pig Eye Daze and I want to thank all of you that dropped by to see what I do in my little studio.  I am planning some new things and I will be telling you about it soon. I really enjoyed visiting with each of you and hope you will come back again.


It is late so I wish you all a safe and happy week. Watch for the deer on the road and call 592-3935 if you have Scotland News for the paper.