The North Central Arkansas Art Gallery, Fairfield Bay, is featuring artist Ciro “Lee” Calles this month.

Calles was born in the southwest Detroit area and relocated to Cabot, Ark. in 1981. The opening of the Depot Art Gallery in Beebe drew his interest to exhibit his paintings there, where a strong bond with the owner and local artists, as well as with the supporting community grew.

Lee moved to Beebe where he set up his studio and small personal gallery in the old downtown area, across from the train depot that once housed the gallery.

Calles paints with watercolors, layering transparent hues, using a dry brush controlled method, he also paints with oils, colored and graphic pencils and "found object sculptures" are a part of his medium selections. Calles was inspired at an early age by the memory of late uncle's love to paint, even though he was just a spectator. The desire to draw and paint grew strong from grade school on. After serving in the Marines, Lee used the GI Bill to pursue a formal instruction in drawing, life drawing and painting at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn Mich., and later at UALR, taking instructions in commercial art, sculpture and silkscreen. Lee exhibits his paintings as a member of the Arkansas League of Artists as well as a member of the Mid-Southern Watercolorists.  

The North Central Arkansas Art Gallery invites you to visit and spend time viewing the beautiful new artwork. The following artists are now exhibiting their artwork in the gallery:

Painters: Joyce Hartmann, Jim Tindale, Caren Garner, Jan Cobb, Rebecca Loftis ,Sandra Marson, Mary Ann Stafford, Dianne Traylor, Suzann Waggner, Julie Caswell, Diana Shearson, Leila Berry, Brenda Berry, Cathy Wester, Yun Kim, Joyce Hubbard, Marion Thorpe, Susan Peterson, Faye Rodgers, Bonnie Hookman , Kathleen Hadley, Ann Snyder, Mark Davis , Alecs Long, Pam Connell, Jeanne Stone, Diane Dudzik, Ellen Kelly, Lee Calles, Joyce Burns, Mary Ann King, Norman Pledger, Judith Beale, Charlotte Rierson- Photography: Lee Phillips, Suzann Waggner- Jim Beach, Robert Gaut, Lydia Kuipers, Kelly Ruhotina, Rualetta Thompson, Brandi Vandygriff, Cathy Wester

Three Dimensional: Karen Gehl Susan Peterson, Anne Mitchell, Barbara Cornett¸ Linda Pledger, Pam Bourland

Viewing of the art is open to the public whenever the Fairfield Bay Conference Center is open. In the season, the Conference Center is open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. However, when we have conferences, meetings, weddings, events, entertainment, or visitors coming for information about the bay, the center is open and the art is always an attraction.

For more information or purchase of Artwork contact NCA Art Gallery Coordinator Charlotte Rierson-501-884-6100, or Fairfield Bay Conference Center Director, Wilba 501-884-4202. The Conference Center and Gallery is located at 110 Lost Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay.