Bill Conine, CEO and General Manager of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative has notified the Board of Directors of his plans to retire May 2019, Donnie Collins, Petit Jean Electric board president said.

“Bill informed the board several months ago of his desire to retire and we appreciate him giving us this much notice. It gives us time to seek out the best qualified candidates available to fill this important leadership position in the cooperative,” Collins said.

The process of finding a candidate for the position is underway.

“The board has obtained our national association (NRECA) to handle this process for us. They have an executive search department who will accept resumes, screen and then assist with interviewing applicants on our behalf. Of course, the board of directors will make the final selection,” Collins said.

The co-op board is looking for specific qualifications.

“We will be looking for someone with upper level utility management experience. Naturally, we think of it being with an electric cooperative but this is not an absolute,” Collins said, adding, “Our responsibility as a board is to hire the very best person we can for the job and we are committed to that.”

Because the search conducted by NRECA will be regional or national in nature, “The board wanted to make the opening known to our members. We just wanted to make sure they were aware of the upcoming vacancy,” Collins said.

Resumes for the position should be submitted to the director of NRECA’s executive search department. The name and address of NRECA can be provided to you by Tonia Robbins, Petit Jean Electric Cooperative executive assistant, in its Clinton headquarters 501-745-2493 during regular office hours.

“Resumes will be accepted until about the first of January,” Collins said.

The new manager will be selected and ready to assume the post May, 2019.

Petit Jean Electric Cooperative has 64 employees and serves 20,000 meters over 3,500 miles of line in North Central Arkansas.