SNYP Arkansas Animal Shelter in Clinton has issued a plea to the public for assistance from individuals to foster dogs and cats from Jan. 18, 2019 to Feb. 16, 2019, or longer.  During this time, the shelter founder-director will be away due to surgery.  Her absence will result in added stress on the other volunteers.  The shelter has needed more volunteers for some time in order to take care of an increasingly large number of animals.  There are no paid staff at the animal shelter in Clinton.

"SNYP Arkansas needs help from our citizens to provide animal care by fostering during this time.  The shelter will be responsible for medical expenses while the pet is in your care and will supply pet food," Lori Treat, shelter founder-director said. "Someone from the shelter will make an appointment to meet with potential fosters regarding instructions and to assess what pet will be best served in the environment," she said.

Treat says that the shelter anticipates that over 10 cats and 12 to 15 dogs will need fostering for at least a month.

"Often people who foster animals are afraid they will be too attached," Treat said, "But I would say that there is immense satisfaction in knowing the important part you played in saving the animal and helping them be ready for adoption into a forever home.  You might save a big number of animals instead of adopting just one.  That is how we view this opportunity to serve homeless animals."

Currently Teresa Gates, a local volunteer, is fostering a mother dog and her eight puppies.  "I'm so happy I can help Cleo (the mother dog) and her newborn pups.  Her pups came sooner than expected and are doing very well.  I look forward to spending time with them each day and caring for them.  They are really beautiful dogs and will be ready for homes in a couple of months," Gates said.

Individuals interested in helping the shelter by volunteering, or by adopting or fostering a pet are encouraged to call Lori Treat at 501-745-7607 as soon as possible.