Ozark Health is fortunate to have an artist amongst the Auxiliary who has donated a piece of art to the annual Gala. Bobbye Bennett is the event coordinator for the Auxiliary. She handles all advertising and coordinating of events, and has been an auxilian for 12 years.

Bobbye majored in art and music in school, but did not paint very much before coming to Clinton 30 years ago.  She started again after meeting Joyce Burns and began taking art class with her. She most always gives her pieces away, often time painting things people will like for gifts and occasions. She has also won best of show at the fair.


While always painting for others with memories in mind, she painted the attached picture for past Auxiliary President Betty Spencer. The roses each hold a significant meaning. The largest rose represents the state, the smaller seven roses represent the individual districts and the buds represent the Auxiliary Members.

Mrs. Bobbye has donated a piece of her art work for the Gala that will be auctioned off Saturday, Dec. 8. The piece is a natural landscape. For more information, please contact Tawny at 501-745-9303.