Scotland had another great day on Saturday, Dec. 1.  Breakfast at 8 a.m., the Pig Eye Daze group did Hot Dogs etc. for lunch and had the Christmas lights and kids decorated Christmas cookies.  Then at 6 p.m. we had our Christmas Dinner potluck.  Lots of people came and Santa and his elf Corky arrived, and all of the kids were excited.   I think that got everyone in a Christmas spirit. We thank all of you that helped make this a success and help clean up so we could all go home early.  Thanks again.


Now the news has everyone thinking we will have rain, frozen rain then maybe snow.  That does sound like December and Christmas.  It has certainly been a short year and a very busy time, maybe the cold, rain, and snow will just last a short time and go away and we can go on and enjoy the season and be jolly.


The Scotland Baptist Church will be out and about the neighborhood on Wednesday evening, Dec. 19, singing Christmas carols. Listen for them.  The kids, as well as the older people, always enjoy doing this and it is so nice to hear them sing. 


Do not forget!  The Scotland Senior Center will have their Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 15.  Food, Don Nunley and his band will be there may be some dancing, etc.  Lots of fun.   The next Friday night, Dec. 21, they will have their Jam Session.  Bring your instrument and play or sing or come and listen to good music.  There is always food, just bring your favorite snack and join in the fun.  We usually have about 80 people and around 20 musicians.

The Senior Center does this on the third Friday night of each month and it is getting better every time.  It starts at 7 and lasts until 9:00 p.m.


Be safe and stay warm. Sing Christmas carols and enjoy the season and remember why we celebrate it.  If you have Scotland News call James Burns at 592-3935 and we can put it into the paper.