It was a relatively straight-forward event as Clinton City Council met for its final 2018 meeting Thursday, Dec. 13. Agenda items included an ordinance regarding the city’s police procedure manual and planning for the 2019 budget. The city also heard a presentation regarding a recreating facility.

The procedure manual ordinance was on its third reading, an update to the existing Clinton Police Department manual, essentially organizing the existing document and bringing some of its terms up to contemporary standards. The ordinance was on its third and final reading at this meeting, having been first proposed three meetings ago – typical for routine ordinance passage.

The ordinance approving the manual passed unanimously.

City of Clinton Mayor Richard McCormac announced the city’s budget planning sessions would begin the week of Dec. 17, the first meeting to take place Tuesday evening, Dec. 18 (after the newspaper goes to press).

The council also heard from representatives of Hydco, a general contractor in North Little Rock. Hydco President Roger Marlin presented what Hydco had done for other cities in putting in water recreation facilities and how those popular facilities had affected the communities.

“We would love to work with the city on any projects,” Marlin said.

In an after-meeting discussion Marlin said his organization had worked with other cities in gaining grant funding for recreation areas.

Councilwoman Gayla Bradley, who had invited Hydco to present, said one of the issues of concern was Clinton being in a flood plain, eliminating Archey Fork Park for a, for example, splash pad location.

In other council matters:

Parks head Charles Wilson said the setup was complete for the lights display at Archey Fork Park. Anyone who wishes, he told the council, can come to the park at 6, 7, or 8 p.m., tune their radio to FM 88.1 and be able to watch a light display coordinated with music.

Fire Chief D.L. Webb said the city was down, overall, in calls for the year. Webb attributed this to two factors, the first as 2018 being “a wet year” and the second being community engagement in fire safety.

Water and Sewer Department representative Dickie Hink said the process for the city to get a half-percent loan for upgraded water meters had been completed, but the council needed to pass an ordinance approving taking the loan. Hink explained to the council this was a requirement of the Arkansas Natural Resource Commission in granting the loan.

Hink also told the council that the bids to install a 16 inch line were underway. This was one of the two phases for bypassing the Pole Yard pump station, Hink told the council. The second phase will be the installation of controls, he said.