It's Positively Sickening

    “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny,” Unknown.

    We had some positive thoughts and words shared with us by our youngest daughter during a phone conversation with her Father. He was filling her in on some of the ways we showed kindness to others and shared some of the things we did for the holidays. Later he told me something that struck me funny. He said that after he told her some of the ways that we showed kindness to others it prompted her to say, “You guys are so nice it’s sickening.”

It's funny, her choice of words, but in retrospect, on one hand it's a nice compliment and it's good that she is pleased with the things her Father shared with her and on the other hand her comment was a way of her reflecting on how she shows kindness to others. Giving to others, showing kindness is not a competition. We choose our own individual ways to give. I too was prompted to remind her that she shows kindness daily to many, albeit to the four-legged variety more so than the two-legged mammals, but giving just the same. I receive hugs for my giving and she receives sloppy puppy kisses and kitty cuddles. Love, kindness, giving is so nice it's “sickening” no matter how you package it.

    Showing kindness and giving is truly a positive behavior that after time does become a habit which becomes something you value and look forward to doing. So to help you with a positive behavior idea, your kindness challenge for the week: Do a favor for someone without asking for anything in return.

    We were pleased to end the week with return guests to the retreat for their second wedding anniversary. Actually, this couple has since become part of our family and were our first guests over two years ago. When Sean offered to take them to one of the more remote locations on the property I was quick to offer my services watching their almost one year old son while they went on their hike. I was in baby heaven, let me tell you! We played a little but it was close to nap time so we ended up rocking and singing Disney songs till he fell asleep. He slept in my arms for over an hour! There's nothing like holding a child in your arms and as I looked into that precious face I couldn't help but wonder what his life will be like.

Sean would have been there fighting me to hold this precious little boy if he didn't have to deal with a deer that had fallen to his death from the top of the big waterfall. Such a freak accident, so sad, but also a part of the circle of life. Sean found a better resting place for this unfortunate animal and as I held this precious little boy and I contemplate the circle of life, his just beginning and mine moving on, I pray that my destiny will be filled with many more days of giving, of loving and cherishing beautiful moments like these.

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