A broken jaw led to sheriff’s deputies arresting a Shirley man after a foot chase Thursday, Jan. 24.

The original complaint was filed after a Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department investigation into a Jan. 19 assault. In that report, a Clinton man reported being in a Highway 330 home when he was hit in the jaw and threatened by Christopher Sheets, 29, of Shirley. Per the investigator’s affidavit: “… Christopher Allen Sheets threatened to kill the victim [name redacted] while Christopher was armed with multiple firearms. Christopher then punched [redacted] in the face breaking his jaw.”

The report continued that Sheets held the man – who was trying to leave to “get medical attention” – for “about 6 hours.” The man was ultimately able to escape, he told the investigating officer, when Sheets fell asleep.

The report continues that the victim, once he got out of the house, “… immediately made contact with law enforcement and was transported by ambulance to Ozark Health ER for treatment.”

There an investigator spoke with the victim, and medical professionals, who confirmed the victim had a broken jaw “… and would likely need surgery to repair it.”

The investigation officer returned the home to speak with Sheets, the report continued. When he knocked on the door there was no answer. When officers knocked on the back door it opened, the report states, and officers entered the home. Investigation, officers found Sheets – who they had come to the home to arrest – was not at home. They did find, per the report, “…two marijuana plants … in plain view on a kitchen counter.”

A search warrant was obtained and a further search of the home found, with the marijuana plants, “numerous items of drug paraphernalia,” per the report.

In a statement released by the department, a few days later on Jan. 24 the Sheriff’s Department “was notified” Sheets was in a car on Highway 330. Officers spotted the car and pulled it over. As soon as it pulled over, the report continued, Sheets ran from the car and across the highway.

The statement continues: “With the assistance of officers from the Arkansas State Police and the 20th Drug Task Force, Mr. Sheets was located at a residence on Highway 110 and deputies were able to take him into custody without incident.”

Sheets was charged with Aggravated Assault, False Imprisonment and 2nd Degree Battery. He is currently listed as held in the Van Buren County jail with a $50,000 bond. Additional charges on his jail listing including Failure to Appear, Probation Revocation and [Drug] Possession with Purpose to Deliver.