Update, Feb. 9, 6:50 p.m. 

The forecast now shows a broader band of winter weather in the northern portion of the state, now extending all the way to the western border, but still just north of Van Buren County. The county is predicted, however, to have as much as 4 inches of rain through Feb. 11, a 1 inch increase from the earlier forecast. 

Precip is expected to freeze overnight as temps drop, which will cause "minor travel impacts," per the forecast, before it thaws later Sunday morning. 


The National Weather Service, Little Rock, is forecasting light rain for the area overnight, matched by sub-freezing temps. This could result in travel hazards as rain turns to ice overnight in the northern third of the state Saturday, Feb. 9. 

Winter weather is possible, but the current forecast shows it to the north of Van Buren County. 

Rain into Monday could get heavy, although current projections have the worst of the rain to the west of the county with 2 to 3 inches projected for the Van Buren County area.