Clinton’s local Pizza Hut located at 160 Bone St has been serving Clinton since the mid-seventies, and while always residing in its current location the original Pizza Hut building was torn down in 1999 with its current building being constructed in its place at that time.

Pizza Hut as a company was founded in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney while they attended Wichita State University. The brothers began their restaurant chain with a six hundred dollar loan from their mother to convert a 600 square foot bar into a pizzeria. The name Pizza hut was chosen through a bit of luck because their sign only had room for eight letters. Dan and Frank’s goal was to provide the best product possible and they were able to accomplish this by working with local farmers to provide the freshest ingredients. While Pizza Hut has grown over the past 60 years so has their network of farmers allowing them to maintain their commitment to quality. The Carney brothers owned and operated Pizza Hut until the company was acquired in 1977 by PepsiCo. Pizza Hut now operates over fifteen thousand stores and has locations in over forty countries worldwide.

While striving to provide their customers with the best pizza and Italian dishes possible our local Pizza Hut is working hard to improve our community as well. These efforts can be seen through multiple fundraisers where they have helped raise thousands of dollars for local causes. Taking in to account their volunteer efforts and their ever improving menu it is easy to see why they are the number one pizza chain worldwide and has been a staple of our community over the last 40 years.

Our local Pizza Hut offers a full service dining room, salad bar and with a vast amount of menu options you are sure to find something for everyone. In addition to their everyday services they now have delivery so you can receive your hot fresh pizza at your front door. Pizza Hut is open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. You can reach them to place an order at 501-745-4828 and they offer easy pickup with their drive through window.