“In his (God) hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.” – Job 12:10

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson

Like Jefferson, more than 230 years ago, I tremble for our beloved nation. Many in the Body of Christ, because of the recent actions by two state legislatures, both grieve and fear for our nation. Personally, I am convinced that God’s judgment is not coming on our country, but that His judgment has already come and that we’re beginning to experience the initial of many “waves” of His judgment and punishment.

I feel this way because in recent weeks, the legislative bodies of the states of New York and Virginia have introduced and in New York, passed, the most expansive abortion legislation imaginable. Space doesn’t permit me to share the horrific details of each pieces of legislation, so allow me to present a brief synopsis of each.

The New York legislation, the Reproductive Health Act, in several scenarios allows, for any reason, a child to be aborted until the very moment of birth. It is appalling that immediately following the passage of this legislation, lawmakers and many spectators in the gallery stood to applaud and celebrate. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed that the spire atop One World Trade Center – a national landmark that celebrates human life and the sacredness and dignity of human life and repudiates the mass violence against human life on 9/11 – be lighted pink.

In Virginia, legislation was introduced in subcommittee – but not adopted – that would not only permit abortion up to the point of birth but also an inhumane procedure/practice that is commonly referred to as, “after-birth abortion.” The failed legislation would have allowed a parent or parents to decide, with or without input from a health-care-professional, to keep the newborn child “comfortable” while he/she is isolated and allowed to die.

In times past, we would be horrified at even the thought of both pieces of legislation. In times past, such thinking would have elicited indescribable grief, shame, and weeping instead of celebration. We would have rightly label such practices as, “infanticide” or even, “genocide.” Such words were commonly used to describe the practices carried out against people of Jewish origin, the infirmed, those with special needs, unwanted children, and other “undesirables” in the Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Yet now, such murderous practices are excused, condoned, and debated in state legislatures … and perhaps soon, by members of the United States Congress. Perhaps Joni Eareckson Tada best described how we got to this godless point: “Gradually, though no one can say exactly how it happened, the unthinkable became tolerable. And then acceptable. And then legal. And now, God help us, applaudable.”

Biblically, there is no debate on the issues involved in the aforementioned pieces of legislation or concerning life itself. Scripture is unequivocally clear about the sanctity of life – all life. Regardless of whether the discussion is about the unborn child in the womb, the newborn child, the child with special needs, the elderly, the person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or ALS, every life is sacred. Regardless of nationality, gender, skin color, or religious preference or no preference, every life is sacred and should be protected, honored, defended, and treated with grace, respect, and mercy. We should remind ourselves of what the Bible says, in James 2:13, “There will be judgment without mercy to those who show no mercy.”

Faron Rogers is the Senior Pastor of Clinton’s First Baptist Church