On behalf of the Scotland Community Corporation, We want to apologize to our wonderful friends that come to our first Saturday Breakfast and went home hungry.  When we went to cook last Saturday morning there was a problem with the heat.  It went on Facebook that breakfast was canceled but I have heard that some of you did not get the message and came all of the way to Scotland. We are so sorry. We are working on the problem and hope to have everything working again soon. 

Friday, Feb. 15, the Scotland Senior Center will have its monthly Jam Session. 7-9 p.m. No charge. Refreshments will be served and if you have a favorite snack, bring it, I am sure it will be enjoyed.  Bring your instrument and join in to play or come to enjoy the music. For more information call Earl Tatum: 503-669-2306. 

On Saturday the 9th, James Burns' nieces and cousins are gathering at Joyce's Studio for a Girls Day Out.  There will be 15 or 20 of them and they are going to paint a painting and will be able to take it home that day.  This sounds like a fun day for Joyce as well as all of the girls.  If you want to do this do this with your friends and relatives, call and we can choose a painting and set up a special day for you.  Call Joyce at 592-3935.

Winter is here again.  We had quite a bit of hail and lots of rain and wind.  The weather people are predicting 3 to 4 inches of rain and maybe winter mix, for this weekend.  I left the Scotland high School building open for shelter if anyone needs to use it.  I open it when we are under an alert.  I do not close it until the threat of storms are over. 

Stay safe, warm and dry and have a great week.  If you have Scotland news call 592-3935 and we will get it in the paper.