“No active threat” found

A possible threat of a student bringing a gun to Shirley school led to a sheriff’s department investigation Jan. 30. The investigation concluded with there being no viable threat to the school.

The incident began Jan. 30 when the School Resource Officer, a Van Buren County Sherriff’s office Deputy, was told by a student that a fellow student was going to bring a gun to class the next day, a threat she heard that student make while riding on the bus that afternoon. The officer went to the second student’s home – the one accused of making the threat - and spoke with him. The officer reported he was told by the student he had not threatened to bring a gun to school. This information was turned over to a department investigator. The school resource officer’s report was filed 11 p.m. Jan. 30.

The investigator began his own investigation, speaking two the two students that evening, and asking the parents of the two students to keep them home the following day. Working with school staff, the investigator spoke with students who had been riding on the bus where the threat was said to have been made. None of the students reported hearing the threat, and several told the investigator that the student alleged to have made the threat “… had been sitting on the bus quietly, listening on his headphones and texting.”

Two other students on the bus had been “involved in horseplay with some yelling and hitting,” the investigator was told.

The report concluded: “There was found to be no active threat towards the school, students and staff.”